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FROM:  Ruth Clark

RE:  Rejuvenation Jump Start

Dear Friend,

Over the next 6 weeks I will guide you on a journey of transformation that will help you get a handle on your weight, maximize your energy, and feel like your old self again without any crazy diet plans or ridiculous exercise routines. Are you tired of losing and gaining the same 10 to 20 pounds over and over again? Do you feel worse with each passing year?

Rejuvenation Jump Start is not just another journey toward frustration and deprivation. Instead, it is specifically designed to help you understand the best program for you as a unique individual.

In just a couple of weeks, you will be surprised to see how much fat you are losing as you start waking up in the morning feeling refreshed while joint pain and other challenges will be a thing of the past.

Your mood will even be lighter. No more couch potato for you. You will have plenty of energy to fuel yourself all day long so you can do what you want to do!

Ruth Clark

How Rejuvenation Jump Start Works

The Road Map to a Brand New You in 6 Weeks

I’m going to show you how to transform yourself over the next 6 weeks. The program is based on action items that will easily improve your energy and mood fast.

Our first week will be focused on preparing for the cleanse/elimination diet. I will show you how to detox your kitchen and your life. The more prepared you are for the cleanse, the better results you can expect.

The next 2 weeks will focus on detoxification. By the end of the second week, you will feel amazing. Digestive and joint issues will be gone, your jeans will be looser, your belly will lose the bloat and you won’t feel like you need a nap at 3 in the afternoon. At this point you will start sleeping deeply, like a baby.

During our third week, we will look at your hormones and review which hormones are unbalanced for you personally including some simple things you can do to feel even more energetic and less stressed.

In the fourth week you will learn about foods that can be triggers for inflammation which slow down weight loss and put you at increased risk for disease. You may even find you have a food sensitivity that could be holding you back. This will help you to get the needle on the scale moving in the right direction, permanently.

By the 5th week you will start to notice some big changes. Your belly will be flatter and you will be inspired to keep going because you feel so light and energetic. By now, your friends and family will start to notice and ask “What have you been doing? You look fantastic!”

Meanwhile, you will be learning to refine your system of meal planning and food prep. This will help you create even more healthy delicious meals in 20 to 30 minutes or less that your family will love. You will also receive an easy meal plan customized to your sensitivities and hormones.

By the 6th and final week you will wonder who that person is looking back at you in the mirror. We will spend our final session talking about gut health and 6 strategies to keep you on track permanently while celebrating your success.

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How Do I Know this Program Works?

About 10-15 years ago I was stressed, exhausted and struggling with my weight. I had gained 15 pounds and no matter how hard I tried, I just could not lose it. I wasn’t eating any more or exercising any less. And I did measure this because I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for years. I was doing everything that conventional science said I should do but it just wasn’t working.

I was incredibly frustrated and felt desperate. I would spend my only day off completely spent and trying to read but the truth was I was sleeping the day away and never felt rested.

I started to see my immune system go sideways. Prior to this, you could count on one hand the number of colds that I had experienced in my life. I knew I was in deep trouble when I came down with acute asthmatic bronchitis twice in one year which, frankly, just made me feel old and hopeless.

Then I started to detoxify on a regular basis. As I started to reintroduce foods, it became completely clear that I was challenged by wheat. Once I got wheat out my diet, the results were simply amazing. I got my energy and my immune system back. My weight is no longer a problem and in the last 10 years, I have experienced just one cold. I have more energy than most people 10 years younger than me.

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Don’t Take My Word For It

"Last January I felt so ill I was scared. I had all kinds of blood work done and was told everything was normal. I knew it couldn't be. I started Rejuvenation Jump Start in early February. Within 3 weeks I felt amazingly better. My sleep, energy, joints - everything got better. This program was a game-changer for me. I loved all the detailed tools, resources, and support. Six months later, I have lost a little over 40 pounds and haven't felt this great in years."
"Rejuvenation Jump Start has made a major difference for me. My energy and stamina increased right away on the cleanse. I got rid of joint pain, resolved my digestive issues, and lost the brain fog. I have continued on a customized plan which has helped me to lose weight healthfully without any hunger and maintain an incredible sense of well-being."
"When I turned 50 I hit a brick wall. I was completely exhausted. All I had to do was look at food and I would gain weight. My joints hurt, my digestion was a mess and I was frustrated and depressed. After following Rejuvenation Jump Start for just 3 weeks I started to feel like myself again. My energy is back, my joints aren’t achy, I am losing weight and I feel like I felt 15 years ago. And the shift wasn't even hard for me because I never felt deprived."
C. G.
Mortgage Broker
"Ruth is full of encouragement and guidance and has made valuable suggestions to customize a nutrition program that I am able to follow comfortably without ever being hungry. I feel like I can stick with this forever. I can see the health benefits not only in my skin, energy level and weight loss—15 pounds and still losing--but also in my blood pressure level. I've also noticed a significant improvement with my insomnia and have been sleeping better and awake feeling refreshed, ready to face the challenges of the day without the stress."
Executive Assistant
Ready to Get Started? ENROLL NOW for only $349, a saving of $50

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Program Begins Wednesday, March 29  – 6:30 PM (Eastern)/3:30 PM (Pacific)

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