6 Great Reasons to Eat Apples

As the apple harvest moves into high gear, let’s take a look of the benefits of this seasonal food which is in abundant supply right now. Apples are a great source of antioxidants, flavonoids and fiber and have been praised as one of the top 10 healthy foods. Apples are a good source of quercetin […]

Spring Clean your Health

Spring is finally here! As the days get longer and the energy shifts, this is a great time of year to be thinking about creating more vitality in your life. Springtime always creates great momentum. Maybe you are interested in simple ways to detox every day or you might be ready to take on a […]

Create A Foolproof Plan for Healthy Eating

I find the #1 reason why people struggle with implementing a healthier diet is that they don’t spend a few minutes every week planning their meals. As a result, we get home after a crazy day at work with nothing in the fridge. How many times does that end up as a pizza or Chinese […]

Tasty Recipe Hacks to Spring into Health

Spring is right around the corner with the vernal equinox less than 3 weeks away. After a long cold icy winter of eating stews and heavy casseroles, you may feel like lightening things up a bit and doing some spring cleaning of your diet. As the days get longer and the weather gets better (fingers […]

Eating Heart Healthy the Mediterranean Way

Time and again the Mediterranean Diet earns high marks as a way of eating to prevent cardiovascular disease. Most recently, in 2018 the New England Journal of Medicine published a study which showed that people who ate a Mediterranean diet had a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease than people following a low-fat diet. This eating […]

Resolutions? Try Intentions

The first half of January has now gone by. Did you make your resolutions for 2019? Should you even bother? Does anyone stick to these resolutions? The truth is that most don’t, largely because of unrealistic expectations. Plus, too many people go it alone, or don’t have a clear vision, or haven’t anticipated the challenges […]

Mindful Eating over the Holidays

The holidays provide a dizzying array of influences that can set you up to fall into the spiral of unwanted weight gain, moodiness, brain fog, and exhaustion. The combination of stress, decreased levels of serotonin due to shorter days, consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates, and reduction in your exercise program is a set-up for […]

Craving carbs as the days grow shorter?

As the temperature dips and the days get shorter it gets a little more challenging to eat a healthy diet. Have you noticed that you are craving more carbohydrates? This is not just you! With the decrease in light, we tend to eat more food, specifically carbohydrates—starches and sugars. Some scientists say that we consume […]

Tried & True Remedies for Hot Flashes, Fatigue, Depression, Insomnia

Some folks see menopause as a condition that needs to be treated. Let’s bust that myth and look at how you can get your second wind after menopause. I recently blogged about foods to improve your estrogen levels. As I said in that blog, I think we (and the medical community) often confuse low estrogen […]

Nutrition for Postmenopausal Vitality

Estrogen is the hormone that most defines you as a woman. It gives you curves. It also builds and maintains the structure of our sex organs and regulates the menstrual cycle. Just as important, it protects our hearts, bones, brains and eyes. Estrogen also helps to keep our cholesterol levels down and plays a role […]

Healing Your Adrenal Glands – The “Emergency Gland”

Pity the poor little Adrenal Glands (aka the “Emergency Gland”). Look what they have to deal with: The most common hormone imbalance that I see in my practice is cortisol. This is because your adrenals are constantly trying to respond to stress and perceived threats by secreting cortisol and other substances to help you cope. The goal with […]

Boost Your Stress Resilience with these Special Herbs (Adaptogens)

Most of my midlife female clients are challenged with high cortisol levels. It’s a side effect of living in the modern-turned-on-all-the-time world. With the stress of work and relationships, cell phones always ringing and dinging, family pressures, and the constancy of the internet and social media, we never get a break. You may be experiencing […]

Puffy? Headaches? Weight gain? This may be the reason

In the world we live it is not uncommon for midlife women to experience estrogen dominance. We are constantly barraged by estrogen from the food we eat, the products we use, and the toxins we are exposed to. Environmental estrogens are everywhere. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, moody, irritable, suffering from insomnia and struggling […]

Healing Your Adrenals – The #1 Challenge

In the world of nonstop stimulation and stress we live in, it’s easy to create adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are walnut sized glands that sit on top of your kidneys.They are responsible for producing many hormones and helping you respond to stress and perceived threats by secreting the hormone cortisol, also known as the […]

Spring: The Season of Detox

As the days get longer and the energy shifts, it’s a great time of year to be thinking about creating more vitality in your life. After a long winter of indulging in holiday favorites and comfort foods, you may feel like you need to press a reset button on your body for spring. So, it’s […]

Crazy for cruciferous vegetables

Well first of all, what are cruciferous veggies? Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale and other leafy greens, Brussel sprouts, arugula, turnip, radishes, kohlrabi, watercress, bok choy and others are considered crucifers. The origin of the name comes from the shape of the flowers of the vegetables whose four petals resemble a cross. Cruciferae is Latin for cross […]